About us: Translations MON

Translations MON, a translation company

Translations MON was created with the idea that to translate, simply knowing a language in depth is not enough. This is why our work team is made up not just of translators, but also of national and foreign experts from a wide and varied range of sectors: law, engineering, art, medicine, computing, pharmacy, architecture, history, biology, sociology, economics, etc.

This way we ensure that the text is correct from a linguistic point of view and that it sounds natural in its specific field.

Translations MON provides services to over 2,500 clients, whose loyalty it has gained through quality and personalised and immediate support.

Our in-house team and our collaborators constantly enrich our organisation’s experience thanks to interaction with our clients, which allows us to ensure a solution that is perfectly suited to each case.

How do we work?

The first step before working with documents is analysing them. Each document requires individual attention, which is why we always choose the appropriate team. Three or more professionals may work on a single project (analysts, processors, translators, managers, revisors, editors, etc). In addition, terminology management (data mining) is just as important as drafting and translating a text, and terminology is regularly reviewed through a Quality Assurance process.

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