Sworn translation

With the seal and signature of an official translator

Many documents that have to be translated also require official validity. This is why we have sworn translators. Their work is to give official certification that an original document and its translation say the same thing. To some extent, a sworn translator is like a notary public (in fact, a sworn translation is often also called a notary translation).

So when you need to submit a document written in another language to the authorities (town councils, courts, civil registers, police, government departments, etc.), the document itself has to be accompanied by a sworn translation of it.

If you need a sworn translation, all you have to do is send us the documents, and in a few days (in some cases, just a day or two), you will receive the sworn translation into the language you need. So that you can make as many copies as you need, when the sworn translation is ready, we will send it to you as a PDF scan by email or WhatsApp. The following day, you will receive a paper copy of the sworn translation at home.

To produce a sworn translation, the translator does not need to have the original document: simply send us a scanned document where the whole of the document can be seen clearly and we can read it easily. All you have to do is scan your documents and send them to us by email or take a photo of them and send them by WhatsApp.

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